4 Reasons I Hate Extreme Couponing

A few weeks ago I wrote this about the TLC show Extreme Couponing. In my heart I kinda wanted to write why I dislike the show but I felt like we could all learn. In my heart I knew things were headed south for those of us who’ve been doing this for a long time. A long-time reader and new friend, Jill, just emailed me something and it prompted me to write another article so here goes!

1) It’s Making People Feel Like Failures.
I mentioned this already but it’s worth mentioning again. If you think you’re going to take your bill from $200 to $20 overnight you will get frustrated when you don’t. You may also feel like a miserable failure. Forgive me but unless you’re doing it for fun (like you two lovely ladies from my Woodridge class who giggled when I asked you if it’s a hobby!) then normal people don’t have time to put in 20 hours a week for one grocery trip. Sorry but if you’re “only” saving $100 it just ain’t worth it.

2) It’s Changing Store Policies.
Kroger in Texas used to double coupon. In fact they’ve done it for as long as anyone can remember. Not since Extreme Couponing.
How about Jewel who here in Chicagoland used to let us use catalinas to our advantage and score big? Not anymore.
Here comes the kicker: Target. My dear, sweet Target who changed their policy of stacking coupons on a BOGO sale. Something BOGO and you wanna use a BOGO coupon to get 2 free? No more!
In the past stores knew people couponed. In act they knew there were people out there using the coupons wisely and resourcefully. Sadly now that the show is showing people going a little shall we say; crazy, things are changing. It’s sad and it stinks.

3) eBay is getting sued.
Ok, so I’m not sure if this is just a big coincidence but rumor has it that eBay is being sued by RedPlum and SmartSource for allowing coupon selling. Although coupons state “no buying” eBay and clipping service, Coupon Dede , have always got away with it by saying you were paying for the clipping. Honestly, although I only get 2 papers I love having more coupons and have loved buying them. If this changes the law I won’t be a happy camper 🙁

4) Couponers are frowned upon or laughed at.
Ya know what? It stinks when people frown at me or treat me like a criminal. As one who’s never copied a coupon, never broken the law and gives tons of what I coupon away, it stinks. But, it’s ok and I just keep my head down and smile inside knowing on one income I can still buy that Frappuccino coz my toothpaste was free! Plus, I’ve got a Higher Authority to answer to and have no reason to be rude or boastful.

It was supposed to be a show teaching people how to coupon but that wouldn’t have made for as great tv would it? Or would it? Personally I’d rather watch that than what it’s become. Just sayin’!


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