4 Great New Uses For Cheerios

Who doesn’t love sweets? This Cheerio Peanut Bars recipe from Kim is a fun twist on an old fave.


2 Tablespoons of Butter
1 Bag of Marshmallows
1/2 Cup of Peanut Butter
6 Cups of Cheerios
1/2 Cup of Dry Roasted Peanuts


Melt butter and mix with marshmallows. Now melt marshmallows. I usually do this in the microwave in a large plastic bowl with 40 sec intervals… it works best and there is little clean up. Add peanut butter and microwave for about 30 seconds more. Stir in Cheerios and nuts. Spread in a greased 9X12 pan. Cool and cut into bars. For a special treat, I will add in some mini m&m’s.

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