4 Great New Uses For Cheerios

Cheerios are awesome little snack things for kids just mastering solid food and for adults alike. They make fun rings and have other great properties. Here’s a couple of fun craft ideas:

Board Games
As game pieces. Lost little bits from a fave board game? Why not grab some cheerios.

Learn To Count
Teach your little ones to count. Every time they get an answer right they get a cheerio.

Grab some stale bread and yarn and poke a hole in the bread. String some cheerios through it and then through the bread and hang it on a tree as a bird feeder.

Teach Colors
Get the colorful cheerios to teach colors. Make a rainbow out of them on a sheet of construction paper after teaching the colors.

Cheerios Necklace
Have your kids string some cheerios on a piece of yarn to make a necklace. This is a great idea to have on hand for on-the-go. Instead of grabbing granola bars, reach for this snack as you run out the door. Make sure your kiddos are old enough to handle the yarn though!


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