$39 Carpet Cleaning – A $210 Value

Prepare for Spring cleaning with clean carpets.  After trudging in the dirt and grime all winter think of how much remains in your carpet.  Perhaps you got a new furry friend for the kiddos.  ADORABLE! Brace yourself … we all know what’s not quite so cute – accidents on the carpets and the couch!

Your pets have them, your kids spill them, and let’s face it, even mom and dad get a drop of red on the carpet sometimes! Not to mention, dirt and grime are routinely ground into the carpets through everyday use. You’ve got to go below the surface to really clean away bacteria and kill odor, so get today’s deal and enjoy either of the following options:

  • 90 minutes of carpet cleaning of four rooms (up to 800 sq ft) by two cleaners
  • Two items of upholstery professionally cleaned

Freshen up the mess, or hold onto it for the next time disaster strikes (as it always does)!

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