Tanga is rolling out the deals just in time for Christmas.  Today they are also offering the iBdry iPhone Sport Package for only $19.99.  Plus this deal will help keep up with your exercise routine or help you get started with a new one.

The iBdry model WP812W is the newest iBdry waterproof iPhone and iPod case on the market. The hard plastic case is both shockproof and waterproof. Unlike other harder to assemble cases the iBdry case uses the simple and effective Clip & Seal Technology – with only one clip on the top of the case. The case will keep dirt, water and practically every other element out of the case, your iPhone or iPod protected and FULLY FUNCTIONAL. The WP812W model feature a dual plug, waterproof earphone jack that works perfectly with the iBdry waterproof earphones.

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