31 Gifts Kids Can Make

31 Gifts Kids Can Make

If your kids are like mine they want to help buy gifts for everyone but that can get expensive which is why I created some gifts kids can make. They can be super helpful and really enjoy making things and you don’t have to drain your bank account every time! My kids are 5 and 3 and have helped out with most of these projects. Sure it gets a little messy but it’s oh so worth it to see their faces and the faces of the recipients!

This list of 31 gifts kids can make are all frugal, easy and great fun!There is everything from teacher gifts, hostess gifts, grandparent gifts, parent gifts and even ornaments.

Enjoy and please feel free to pin and share!

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6 Homemade Scrubs are great gifts that kids can make and all come with free printables I made and only contain a few natural ingredients.


Kids Love Messages


Salt Dough Hangings



Teacher Appreciation Gifts Natural Spa Tin

Natural Spa Tin is Pretty and functional too!

Teacher Appreciation Gift homemade coffee syrups

10 homemade coffee syrups.



Teacher Appreciation gifts

Don’t give an apple, give candy instead with this “just because” teacher gift.


Teacher Appreciation Gifts berries

Change up the apple idea a bit and give some berries complete with a free printable tag for you.

Simple Notebook Teacher Appreciation gifts

Teachers are always making notes, this DIY composition notebook your kids can help you make is a fun way to say you’re thinking of a teacher.

shortbread Teacher Appreciation gifts

This homemade shortbread recipe is a favorite of my friend Kathy’s and would make a cute gift on a nicely decorated plate.

Oreo Balls Teacher Appreciation gifts

Truly scrumptious and a great little treat are Oreo Balls.

bath salts Teacher Appreciation gifts

I bet you have most of the ingredients needed for Homemade Bath Salts in your house just in case you need a gift in a pinch! {I know I’m not the only one who forgets stuff and then hurries around making something}


This Homemade Snowman Doormat  was made with my kid’s footprints and has become my favorite decoration!

Essentials Kit Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Essentials Kit:Even if I have lots of gloves I always forget them so why not give some strictly to put in your car?!

Spiced Nuts Cone Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Spiced Nuts Cone: Popcorn is a great gift and even better when you make it yourself with this great recipe.


Homemade Banana Bread Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Homemade Banana Bread: Mini banana bread in a mini bread tin is adorable!

Cupcake Socks Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Cupcake Socks: Simple fuzzy socks set the scene for a simple gift that makes you look really crafty!



reusable cups Teacher Appreciation Week Gift

Fill these Reusable Cups with coffee packets or lemonade packets and even a gift card to say thanks to a special teacher or other person.

For the Men

If you’ve got little kids you’re probably like me and want to make handmade gifts for Dad BUT (huge but) how do you avoid giving him something impractical or something he won’t enjoy? Well this year I started thinking ahead of time and came up with some fun Father’s Day gifts that a) Your kids can make and b) The Dad will love!

Here are 6 Handmade gifts for Dad that are great for grilling Dads, hard to buy for Dads and more!

Homemade For Dad

1) I made the Homemade Meat Rub for my Husband with my 5 year old. It’s a great recipe for a guy who loves his grill and his meat!

Gift Ideas For Fathers: A Father's Day Candy Bar Poem

2) The  Candy Bar Poem for Dads I created is a great unique gift for the hard-to-buy-for Dad.

Homemade For Dad

3) The Handprint T-shirt is perfect for Grandad or Dad.

Homemade For Dad

4) Homemade Taco Seasoning is a great gift for Dads who like spicy food!

Grill Mitt's Father's Day Gift From Kids

5) The Handprint Grill Mitts are great for Dads who love grilling and you can even pair with the steak rub.

Mountain Dew Cupcakes

6) Last year we made the Dads in our life Soda Pop Cupcakes and the Dads and the kids loved it!

For the Ladies

Grilling books

I know it’s not homemade but this list of the Top 5 Grilling Books is based on comments from readers and friends.

Homemade Ornaments


Salt Dough Ornaments Recipe that I jazzed up with some silver paint!


This Handprint Snowman Ornament Craft was fun to make and my inlaws love theirs!


Baby’s First Ornament

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