Over 30 Women’s Necklaces Under $5 – Prices Starting At Just $0.01 October 2013

Over 30 Women’s Necklaces Under $5




Swan Opal Long Necklace ,Crystal Sweater Necklace $4.80

Vintage Luxurious Heavy Lace Effect Metal Filigree Lady Short Necklace $0.01

Bronze Mixed Flower Bouquet Necklace, Lots of Fragrant Flowers Necklace $4.13


Tripe Love Hearts Faux Diamond Necklace $0.01 (Reg. $19.99)

Vintage Owl Necklace Long Pattern Necklace $0.60

Vintage Steampunk Nautical Style Antiqued Bronze Octopus Necklace $0.66

Vintage, Retro Colorful Crystal Owl Pendant and Chain with Antiqued Bronze/Brass Finish $0.81 (Reg. $34.99)

Retro Elegant Peacock Necklace $1.31

Vintage Glazed Lady Cat Pendant Long Chain Necklace $0.88


Antique Alloy with Colour Crystal Owl Long Prendant Necklace $0.93

long electroplating silver clover necklace $0.99 (Reg. $13.99)

hollow out artificial sapphire water-drop Necklace $0.99 (Reg. $12.50)


Retro Handlebar Mustache Necklace Hipster Beard Vintage Statement Pendant $0.99

Gold Plated Chunky Choker Bib Statement Fashion Necklace $1.01 (Reg. $8.99)


Vintage Seahorse Pendant Necklace Aquatic Organism Fashion Jewelry $1.29

Bronze hollow out the butterfly shape necklace classical decorative pattern $1.29 (Reg. $10.88)


Fashion Vintage Eiffel Tower Pendant With Chain-Bronze $1.29

Fashion Vintage Palace Heart Pendant With Chain $1.33

Heart of Ocean necklace $1.39 (Reg. $13.99)

Vintage Owl Pendant Long Bronze Chain Necklace Clothes $1.50 (Reg. $29.99)


Vintage Unique Bronze classic Flower style long necklace $1.55 

Bronze Chain Stripes Bubbling Angelfish Swim Tropical Fish Pendant Necklace $1.55

Women Alloy Hot Air Balloon Pendant Chain Necklace $1.59

Chunky Bold Gold/Silver Plated Alloy Curb Chain Link Necklace Bib Statement $1.85

Gold Metal Lion Head Pendant with a 20 Inch Adjustable Thick Miami Cuban Chain Necklace $1.95

Lovely pink princess $1.99 (Reg. $13.98)

Faux Emerald Peacock Pendant Necklace $2.13 (Reg. $19.99)


Classic vintage Bronze dragonfly pendant necklace $2.30

Fashion Nice Gorgeous Blue Eyes Peacock Rhinestone Long Feather Pendant Necklace $2.34

Fashion New Swarovski Elements Crystal Four Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace $2.49 (Reg. $20)

Fashion Vintage Bronze Chain Anchor Shape Pendant Long Chain Necklace $2.48

Flappy Wings Owl Locket Watch Necklace $2.59 (Reg. $10)


Vintage style camera pocket watch locket pendant quartz bronze long necklace $2.91

Hello Kitty Head Shaped Pendant Charm Necklace $4.50 (Reg. $29.99)

Silver Kitty Rhinestone Crystal Fashion Jewelry Set with Pink Bow $4.99 

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