3 New Kids DVDs Make Fun Easter Basket Ideas

With Easter on it’s way I know lots of people are thinking Easter baskets and I wanted to recommend 3 new DVDs we got to check out.

“Fun on the Farm”

YAY! An educational DVD that a 3 year old boy enjoys! Isaac enjoyed Fun on the Farm and I enjoyed all the things he learnt! TM’s new Fun on the Farm takes you on a fascinating trip where you learn how farmers grow their crops, what kinds of animals live on a farm, and where the food in the produce aisle comes from.

It’s just 30 minutes but teaches kids all about the growing cycle and seasons. Highly recommended!

Pop Goes Thomas

Thomas is bubbling with excitement as he delivers special cargo to the picnic extravaganza! His friend Percy joins in on the fun for a game of Hide and Seek and Emily goes full steam ahead to cheer on the Sodor soccer team. My little soccer lover is gonna love that!

Angelina Ballerina: Ballet Dreams

Let the ballerina inside leap for joy as you delight in the continuing tales of Angelina and her friends in Angelina Ballerina™: Ballet Dreams from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Angelina, Alice, Viki, Gracie, A.Z., Marco and teacher Ms. Mimi are imaginative, determined and passionate, reveling in dance, music and friendship and inspiring little ones to pursue big dreams.

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