3 Friends, 5 Kids, 8 Meals, 1 TV producer = My Wednesday

Me and a couple of friends from MOPS decided to do a grandioso meal swap. The game plan? Bring 2 different meals to make that would produce enough food for 12 people. That way we all walked away with 8 meals for our families to enjoy. We had 5 kids between us and I thought it show others how easy it is to save money!! So imagine the circus in my house and my tiny kitchen. The day before I asked Hubby if he’d quickly a) fit new countertops (I hate the lime green) and b) Buy me a new stove. Sadly he declined to do both!!!

Cooking and talking……that was tough even for a seasoned chatterbox!

At the end of a crazy few hours we had cranky kids, a stove that looked like it vomited but 8 meals! All of them under $5!! 20 Minutes later and my house was clean. It was eventful but lots of fun.

Coming up…..How to Arrange Your Own Meal Swap and the Recipes we Used

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