3 Easy Superbowl Treats

It’s Superbowl weekend and if you’re like most of the country, it’s more about commercials, parties and fun as apposed to the game (sorry Patriots and Giants fans!) Anyhoo, if you’re headed to a Superbowl party why not take one of these easy treats. They’re super easy to make (I wanted something my 3 year old could help with).

They’re all made from a simple rice krispie treat. If you’ve never made that:

  • Microwave one 10oz bag of marshmallows and 3 TBS butter for about 2 minutes.
  • Keep checking and stirring.
  • Once it’s melted add 6 cups of krisped rice.
  • For the shapes I poured that mixture into a greased cookie sheet and let it harden.

Once the mixture hardened I cut out and molded these jerseys, frosted them and let that harden then I added numbers.

For the footballs use cocoa krispies instead of regular ones. Mould them and then add the football part later.

This is just an entire recipe of the krispies in a 9×13. Once it hardened, I frosted the field and then added the above items. Hubs took it to work!

Of course you could use sugar cookies for all this but this was fun and easy. I love Superbowl Sunday!  How about you?


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