3 Bags of Coffee/Tea for $3 Shipped


I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the coffee by Christmas but I’m thinking for that cheap it’s worth a shot (or you cpould just keep it yourself)!  As this is such a *hot* deal that so many of you are taking advanatge of and I don’t know when it’s gonna end I wanted to post a reminder:
Gevalia Coffee is having a CRAZEEE deal right now that if you go here you can grab 3 bags of their awesome coffee and a travel mug for only $3. At that point you’ll be in their club. If you don’t like the coffee or wanna cancel, just do so after you get your coffee and there’s no obligations! What a stonkin deal! I love CHEAP good coffee!!!! Remember NO obligations so go here for your cheap coffee!! Don’t drink coffee? My friend Katie grabbed the tea instead.  Yum!

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