$25 worth for $4!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Please read Lori’s comment RE: the $10 gift cert. Thanks!

Right now restaurant.com??? has their gift certificates at 60% off! Use the word EXCLUSIVE thru 1/19/09. You can read more about the program here.

Here’s what a reader, Cindy, said, “Did you know the site sends you a free $10.00 certificate with your order to use on whichever you choose? I got my free certificate about 5 minutes after ordering from their site. Not bad, half price and then a free coupon on top of that! I also wanted to tell you we already used a certificate for Tate’s in Portage. The dinners we ordered were fresh and homemade. Very delicious and I’d highly recommend that place.”


  1. I love Restaurant.com.

    Be careful of the $10 certificate. If you read the fine print, it said if you complete the survey for the $10 certificate, your credit/debit card will be automatically charged $25/month as part of some service. No thanks!!

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