25 Spring Activites For Kids

Spring Activities For Kids

The arrival of Spring and warmer temperatures probably has you like me looking for spring activities for kids which is why I was determined to find some spring kids activities. The following list of spring activities for children will provide you with 25 things to do this Spring with Kids:

Spring Activities For Kids.

1.) Take a trip to a nature preserve.

2.) Bake cute flower pot cupcakes. Simply purchase small flower pots to bake some delicious cupcakes in. When they are done you can decorate them with real flowers. Check out my Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes for more ideas.

3.) Play rounds of tennis or badminton at your local park.

4.) Build recycled birdhouses. Rather than throwing away your old oatmeal canister, have the kids help you transform it into a birdhouse. You can use glitter glue, construction paper, markers and so on to decorate it.

5.) Find a nice lake and enjoy a picnic.

6.) Play balloon ping pong. This game is fun at parties or to cure indoor boredom. To get this game going, simply blow balloons up and attach paper plates to tongue suppressors or Popsicle sticks. Let the games begin!

7.) Go outdoors and create a butterfly garden.

8.) Create activities using colored tape. Games like this are wonderful ways to help your kids with multi-tasking. To create this, use various colors of tape to construct random line patters for the kids to follow.

9.) Visit an area botanical garden.
Spring can be one of the best times of the year to see lots of butterflies and flowers in bloom at the local botanical garden.

10.) Use chalk to draw hopscotch games outdoors.

11.) Build Yarn Dolls. These dolls are really easy to build, and perfect for using up that last little bit of yarn you have. You can even go as far as having the kids dress the dolls with outfits bought at the hobby store.

12.) Engage in tickle tag.
Chase your kids around, and when they are captured – it’s major tickle time!

13.) Make felt cookies complete with frosting. If you have aspiring bakers in your life, this will be the perfect activity. The homemade set includes cookie cut outs made from felt that can be rolled out, cut, baked and frosted!

14.) Collect all the pillows around the house and have a huge pillow fight!

15.) Make your own bubbles. There are lots of inexpensive and easy bubble recipes you can follow. The best part is you more than likely already have each of the required ingredients in your kitchen right now. Children find it fun to chase and pop bubbles for hours on end.

16.) Have Crab, Bear-walk and Wheelbarrow races. The demanding positions can mean everyone gets a good workout and has fun.

17.) Choose a rainy day and allow the kids to play in the mud. Spring’s rain showers can disappoint many kids – brighten up their day by letting them play in the mud.

18.) Go picking berries. This is a great time of the year to take the kids to a local farm and show them how to pick some berries! They’ll find it fun and tasty!

19.) Make S’mores around a campfire.
No childhood is complete without making s’mores around a campfire – Spring is a great time to do so, as the weather is not too hot or cold.

20.) Help the kids build their own tree house or fort. Kids love to hide and feel like they have secret hiding spots. Helping them build a fort or a tree house is a great way to entertain them and know where they are.

21.) Go Canoeing. Your kids will love spending the day canoeing and learning more about organisms that live in the water.

22.) Host a neighborhood water day. Plan and prepare several water toys such as slip ‘n slides, sprinklers and so on. Invite a few kids or the entire neighborhood.

23.) Spruce up and clean all of the outdoor toys.

24.) Set-up an outdoor easel and allow the kids to finger paint. Painting is a great way to promote creativeness. Moreover, setting this up outdoors promotes children to spend some time outside getting fresh air.

25.) Decorate Easter Eggs! Follow these directions for Kool Aid Eggs.

How about you? What spring activities for kids do you do?

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