25 Gifts For Kids Under $10

The holidays can be hard on your budget. These gift ideas will help you find something for everyone on you list for under $10 each. Prices tend to vary through the year and may bounce up or down so you may see some items jump above $10 from time to time so check prices as you shop. This list should help you knock out most of your shopping list for little to nothing.

25 Gifts For Kids Under $10

25 Gifts For Kids Under $10

1. Help your coffee loving friend charge yup with this heat sensitive coffee mug that looks like a battery charging as you sip your coffee.

2. One of these 12 inch vintage clocks are perfect for your loved one that loves anything vintage or country.

3. Disneys Magic clip dolls are the perfect gift for a little princess in your life.

4. The little boy in your life would love a super hero cape.

5. Your favorite artist would love a nice big art set.

6. Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival is the perfect book for your prepper friend.

7. How about a cute apron for your favorite hostess?

8. Gel highlighters perfect for bible study would be a great gift for your pastor or his wife.

9. These icing combs are perfect for the friend that loves to bake.

10. How about some pop art for the comic book lover?

11. These butterfly wall decals are pretty darn cool.

12. Rory story cubes are a great gift for a student or writer on your list.

13. Spot it is a great party game with it’s own holiday edition.

14. This skull and bones ice tray set is perfect for your skull loving friend.

15. This duct tape wallet set from Alex toys is perfect for your crafty little man.

16. This puzzle necklace set is perfect for your favorite couple.

17. This Survival bracelet is perfect for your favorite camper.

18. How about a flash drive that looks like a camera for your favorite photographer.

19. This Micky Mouse mug warmer is perfect for a long day int he office.

20. Grandma would love this tea infuser set while enjoying tea with her friends.

21. Water bottle ice cube trays are perfect for friends that are always running to the gym.

22. These gentlemen themed cookie cutters are perfect for the friend hosting the New Years party.

23. This star projector is perfect for any babies room to help calm and soothe while they fall asleep.

24. This pizza garden will get everyone ready for a slice.

25. This credit card light bulb is perfect for any wallet or bag.


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