$20 Target Giftcard Giveaway

Do I have a surprise for you.  For being valued readers I am giving away a $20 Target e-giftcard.  Thank you for everything you do and for the support in my journey.

*I am supplying this giftcard and have purchased this giftcard out of my own pocket.*


  1. I think it is great that the bloggers generate traffic to their blog through giveaways. Gives a chance to go see the many wonderful blogs and gives you a way to “up” your traffic! Thanks for all you share.

  2. Lori Phillips says:

    Id love for a chance for this card..Target always has the cutest girls tights..and My sweet Esther would love some..She is a sweet tomboy princess…:) Maybe some hair ties ..or a cute hat for her..and let her pick from the dollar bins..a special treat when we usually go ..a icee 🙂

  3. Trisha Lynn says:

    I would love to win so that I can go guilt free shopping for a new top!!

  4. Thank You for making my savings so diehard.
    Now all I need is this spiffy gift card! 🙂

  5. I would love to win this giftcard! I need to get a new carseat for my daughter and this would be perfect!

  6. I love the dollar spot at Target 🙂 It would be really nice to get some new glasses for the kitchen or other kitchen supplies. Oooo, or use it for food! I love being in the kitchen 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  8. Shannon Alexander says:

    I would love to win! I have so much I’d love to go buy at target! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I would love to win a Target giftcard! Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  10. I would love to win the Target gift card, since it’s one of my favorite spots to shop and I am about to redo a room in my house, I could use all the extra I can get right now!

  11. Love, love, love MummyDeals!!! Thanks for the offer!

  12. Love Target!

  13. Denise Taylor says:

    I love Target thank you for the contest it pays to read your emails.

  14. Thanks for the opportunity, love all the freebees and coupons you let us know about!

  15. I would love to win! Thank you for such a generous giveaway!!

  16. Joyce Mlinek says:

    I sure would like to get an e-mail saying I won.

  17. Thank you!! You do a great job at showing us the deals :>

  18. I love your blog! I couldn’t live on a budget without it!

  19. I’d love to win because I could use some new bath towels.
    Thank you!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  20. I took your class last year and have been hooked on couponing ever since ! Thanks for being the one to get me started on my frugal journey !

  21. Love Target! Would love to win this.

  22. Thanks for creating a great blog and always keeping us updated on the greatest deals! 😀

  23. I would love to win a Target giftcard. I’m remodeling my bathroom and this would be a wonderful help.

  24. Yvonne Kinney says:

    TARGET doesn’t clean out my pocket book! I get more for my money buying from TARGET as their merchandise is superior to other stores such as KMART and PAMIDA.With the economy being so volative, every dollar counts in my family! TARGET hits the high marks for quality and value paid!

  25. Briann Neeley says:

    i need some diapers for the new baby! 🙂

  26. We LOVE Target!!! My daughter calls it the WalMart with the balls (she’s three).=)

  27. Jessica Bowlin-Burton says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If I win this card
    All my thanks will go to you 🙂

  28. Lisa Landolfi says:

    Show me the Target $….Lisa needs a new pair of shoes!! Pick me!! Pick me!! 🙂

  29. Yes please–I love love love Target!!

  30. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win!!!

  31. Janene Scarborough says:

    I love winning gift cards, especially amazon walmart, target, SO fun shopping!

  32. Wendy Olivier says:

    So very kind of you! Thank you for the chance!

  33. Rebecca Stearns says:

    I love Target!! I buy so many things there. Thanks for the contest.

  34. Allison L. says:

    I would LOVE to win, target is one of my favorite stores, especially the $1 section ha ha 🙂

  35. Rhea Chladek says:

    Wow! You are very generous to offer a $20 gift card contest! Thanks!
    🙂 Rhea

  36. I want is this Target gift card to go shopping with it.I probably buy a alarm clock or maybe an outfit.I’ve gained a lil weight this summer so I need new plus size outfit.Thank you

  37. Theresa Wallace says:

    You are so great to your followers:) One of the many reasons I love your site.

  38. Andrea Williams says:

    Would really, really love to win! Thanks so much for having great giveaways just because! 🙂

  39. Sarah Ashkar says:

    Thanks for all your hard work – love your site! 🙂

  40. I’d love to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. Thanks for all YOUR hard work! 🙂

  42. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I want to win this to give to my son for Christmas.

  43. I just LOVE TarJay!! Matter of fact just went there tonight. I spent $22 after coupons and had 3 bags, my sis in law spent $25 and had one! She was so mad that I got such good deals! =)

  44. Tamara Partridge says:

    I would love to win a gift card and especially to Target. Just the other day the cashier (who was awesome) said, “oooh we have an extreme couponer here!” Love it. 🙂

  45. I would love to win and I would get a lot of stuff at target!

  46. I would buy new clothes for my growing baby girl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Would love to win this! Saving up for Christmas fund. The best part with Target GC is: we can get Visa gift card at Target and so can be used at any store. But, I love Target 🙂

  48. Love Target! Would love to win

  49. Janice Cooper says:

    Target is the best, Target is great, Target is calling this shoppers name 🙂

  50. Can always use a gift card to Target, since they always trick me into spending money!

  51. Michele Boyd says:

    I would like to win a travel getaway!

  52. i would love to win, thanks!

  53. I’d love to win so I can start my Christmasshopping. Thanks!

  54. Thank you for this giveaway ! I love shopping at target, and this GC will definitely help 🙂

  55. Great giveaway! If I could live inside my local Target, I definitely would 🙂

  56. this would make a great bday present. no cards or presents for me this year ; (

  57. I want this gift card, BECAUSE I can use it in conjunction with coupons and clearance, AND my 5% savings using my Target credit card and get some stuff for charity! I LOVE mummydeals!

  58. Barbara Boone says:

    I would love to win the 20.00 Target e-gift card,thank you for posting this offer.

  59. All things baby super center…I LOVE Target!! 🙂

  60. I would love to win, thank you for the chance!

  61. I want to win! As you know, I am a shoe box packer for Operation Christmas Child. This gift card would be a blessing in helping me purchase items for our shoe boxes my family and I are packing at home.

  62. Kristie Fowler says:

    I would love to win this giftcard! Thanks for the chance.

  63. I want to WIN!!! You bloggers are awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  64. Love your site! Wish I lived nearer to Chicago to score some of the local deals, but that’s not really a good reason for moving. 🙂

  65. Jessica Smiser says:

    I love Target and I love that you give the heads up on so many good deals! Thank you <3

  66. How very kind of you to do this. Thanks for the chance!

  67. Woohoo! I want to win!

  68. I’d love to win I’d give it to my daughter who has it harder then I do

  69. Gail Dickey says:

    I have a passel of grandkids. I need this. Christmas is coming.

  70. I’m so broke I can barely pay attention. Would be nice to shop somewhere other than walmart and the dollar store! lol

  71. I would love to win I can never get enough of Target. My kids call it our second home!

    Visit my daughter and I at Says Me Says Mom (http://saysmesaysmom.blogspot.com)

  72. Renee Gauthier Angichiodo says:

    I got a great deal on pants on sale from you a couple weeks ago and this card would allow me to get a top to go with it!!! thanks for the opportunity

  73. Jessica Sheffild says:

    I want to wiiiinnnn and then I’ll have a big griiiinnnn and it won’t be because I had a shot of giiiinnnn it will be because I’ll get to shop agaaiiiiiinnnn. Haha 😉

  74. stephanie miller says:

    this would make a great christmas gift! we love target!!!

  75. Sarah Roberts says:

    Chirstmas is coming right around the corner and this would either be a great Chritmas gift or something I could use to buy a Chirstmas Gift! Hope I can stuff someone’s stocking this Christmas with this deal! Thank You for the opportunity!

  76. Jacqui Odell says:

    I really love target. I drive two hrs just to go to one, so this would be great for my next visit to buy my daughters bday gifts!

  77. Target is always a special treat for me…since we don’t live very close to one. This would give us a great excuse to make the trip 🙂

  78. Whitney McQuarry says:

    With this gift card I can FINALLY buy something for myself without feeling guilty… but lets face it, Ill end up spending it on the kids…

  79. Shannon Gallagher says:

    I’d love to win this so I can buy myself something for once! lol
    jalyssa982003 at yahoo dot com

  80. Michael Welle says:

    Thanks for doing this! I would LOVE to win!

  81. I really, really need to win. My hubby just bought me a new puppy for my birthday last week. So now we have 3 dogs. Help!???!!



  83. I’d *heart* to win this Target GC!

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  84. Would love to win! Target is a great place to shop!

  85. Jennifer Landers says:

    I love shopping at target!

  86. Of course I want to win, it’s a Target gift card, like duh, jk jk lol! Seriously this is a totally awesome giveaway, with Halloween right around the corner I can use this towards a costume for my daughter Bella, or just spoil her with some more toys she definitely doesn’t need 🙂 Love this giveaway!!!

  87. linda brooks says:

    I want to win please.

  88. Belinda Revercomb says:

    I would love to win

  89. Nicole Carter says:

    Well, I really want that gift card!
    Nicole Carter

  90. Shell Holland says:

    I would love to win! Target has so many great deals!

  91. Chelsea Spurgeon says:

    Well of course I love to win..who doesn’t?

  92. This could buy some good sushi! I’d love to win 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  93. Sally Guillen says:

    Halloween stuff!! Seriously it temps me everytime I go there…it’s torture!

  94. Rae Henderson says:

    I’d like to win. Target is my hometown store.

  95. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    I would love to have the extra money for Christmas gifts this year! TY so much for the Giveaway!

  96. Rebecca Lord says:

    I need to win so I can get $20 worth of gummy bears to start my army…..I have rouge dust bunnies under my bed and need the protection!!!!LOL

  97. Show me da money! I need it for my ME fund, since my ME fund is currently sitting at $0. haha 😀

  98. winning this would be awesome for i have a special valentine’s day 2012 event planned for our two area nursing homes and am using my coupons, samples, prizes, etc…. to be able to provide a customized individual gift bag to each recipient. Any help is more than appreciated!!!! so excited about this project!!!!

  99. Lee Ann Kaplan says:

    C’mon baby! Mommy needs a new pair of shoes!!! 🙂

  100. I would love to win this!! I would pair this with Target’s daily deals to get a head start on Christmas shopping!!

  101. You have a bulleyes Target on savings!!! Love it… love you!

  102. so you like reading comments??? how do you find the time…lol…bless your heart…

    hugs…I like GC makes for great online shopping!

  103. Corinne Lockie says:

    Target is my Rodeo Drive – If I want to treat myself I’m headed to target!

  104. I super love Target because they accepted my Internet coupons. Also the cashiers and workers were really nice to me when I needed their helps!
    I would love to win the gift card too. Thank you for than chance:-) “Fingers crossed”

  105. I would LOVE to win this!!

  106. Heidy Champagne says:

    Love the Target card giveaway!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Target!! You Rock 🙂

  107. Jennifer Marie says:

    I would love to win-would love to buy my sons some new winter clothes!

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