$20 Free at Kmart for NEW or transferred prescription

The headline pretty much says it all. Go here to claim the coupon valid through 3/7/09. This is rare to find one for new ones! Don’t forget, CVS will match competitor’s prescription coupons if you don’t have a Kmart. Thanks, Laurie!!


  1. joyousjoyce8888 says:

    If you take compet. coupons to meijer you get 10 bucks Gift Card for each and up to three transf. scripts. So 3 trans. scripts with compet. coupon gets you 30 bucks to spend in Meijer. They have a grocery so that could be 30 bucks off your grocery list and if you are like Clair (and me) that’s $20 for a weeks worth of food. :o)

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