2 Tips to Becoming a Savvy Shopper

1) Being a Savvy Shopper means that you don’t have to buy 10 things if the deal is 10/$10. Sometimes cheese is on sale 10/$10 but even if you bought 2 packs, you would have only paid $1 each.

Sometimes the deal is so great that you want to buy all 10 but sometimes just stick to a few. There are times when a store will say 10/$10 but $1.25 if you buy less than that. Watch out for those times but mostly it’s not that.

Really is it worth spending an extra $.25 just to get a couple as apposed to a ton? I think so.

2) Loss leaders are weekly sales that stores lose money on but they are their way of teasing you to come in. For example the 10/$10 cheese sale.

In my training class a few months ago I got this comment – “I go into the store only for the sales but end up spending $100! How can I stop??”

When I see a great sale I try and picture where it is in the store and then just go in for that. Of course if I need other groceries that week I’ll go to that store where the best deal is for all my groceries so I don’t have to run out again. Make sure that you put the blinkers on and just run in for the deal you wanted so as to avoid the trap.

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