2 Free Pay Per View Movies from Dish Network Through 3/31/10

Do you have Dish Network? Would you like a couple of freebies?

Please fill out the Free Movie form here each time you watch a movie (Limit 2 movies of $4.99 value each).
Step 1: Order a movie before March 31, 2010.
Step 2: Enter your information and select “Submit”.
Step 3: You will receive a credit of $4.99 for the movie ordered within 30 days of the movie charge(s) appearing on your bill statement.


  1. amynbrian00 says:

    Thanks Clair! I've been wanting to watch New Moon, so I think I will rent it on PPV now! I usually just wait until I can find it in at the library(FREE!), but this helps a lot!!!

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