16 Ways to Save Money at Starbucks

Ways to Save at Starbucks

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So you love coffee but want ways to save money at Starbucks? I’m a bit of a coffee-aholic and love my java. I do think that Starbucks is an experience worth paying for but my budget won’t allow a coffee a day there! if you’re a frugalite like myself then check out this post on 16 Ways to Save Money at Starbucks written for coffee addicts all over!

Know any more tricks? Please leave a comment!

1) Get the Starbucks Card

Starbucks offers a free loyalty card that looks like a gift card. You simply load money onto it and away you go! Grab it at StarbucksStore.com and then register it online – https://www.starbucks.com/card/rewards. After your fifth purchase, your Card will be upgraded to the Green level. You’ll get free refills on brewed or iced coffee, or tea refills, while you’re in the store which saves you 50 cents each time.

After your 30th purchase within a year, your Card will be upgraded to the Gold level. Along with the Green level benefits, you’ll receive a free drink for every 12 purchases. You can also choose to receive special offers and coupons via email. And you’ll receive a personalized Gold card. Once at the Gold level, you stay there simply by making 30 more purchases in a year.

I make sure that I just keep re-loading my card even if it’s easier to pay with debit. I drive to the window, ask them to add $10 to the Starbucks card and then pay with that. Recently someone gave me a $25 gift card and I took it to the barista and asked them to apply the $25 new card to my old card.

2) Maximize Your Birthday Drink.

I registered my Starbucks card and when it was my birthday I headed to a local Starbucks to get my free birthday drink. Normally I get a tall but on my birthday I ordered a Venti Macchiato and added extras in it. The barista in the drive-thru was encouraging me to make the most of it. That nearly $5 coffee? Totally free and Happy Birthday to me!

3) Bring your Own Mug

When you bring your own reusable cup, mug or travel tumbler you Save 10 cents. Sure it doesn’t sound like a lot but if you order $2 coffees for every 20th time or you’re getting a free coffee.

4) Split a Venti

If you’re heading there with a friend, split a venti. Starbucks doesn’t charge for an extra cup and it makes more sense to split. For example a 12 oz Caffe Misto costs around $2.25, and a 20 oz size is only $2.85. Split that with a friend and you’re spending only $1.42 each.

5) Light on the Ice

Maybe I’m just a sworn frugalite or maybe it’s because I hate a brain freeze but I always order light ice. Sometimes stores fill your cup with so much ice that you’re barely getting any drink so next time request light ice. If you order a tall coffee with light ice, you’re getting almost a grande coffee.

6) Save Half on Iced Lattes

Order two espressos over ice, then add milk, creamer, sugar or flavoring from their do-it-yourself bar and you have an iced latte for 50% off!

7) Save on Lattes

Another way to save on lattes is to get a Caffee Misto instead. A misto is half coffee and half milk and is very similar to a latte. A Misto costs around $2.25 for 12 oz, compared to $2.75 for a latte. A savings of 18%.

8) Bring in a Bag

Starbucks will give you a free coffee for every empty Starbucks coffee bag you bring into them so if you buy it at the store, bring in the bag.

9) Skip the Larger Frothy Drinks

You may think that by upsizing on the frothy drinks you’re getting more coffee but really you’re probably just getting more froth so if you need more caffeine just add a shot of espresso.

10) Make it at Home

One pound of coffee makes about 45 cups of coffee which is around only $0.35 a cup so skip the drive thru today and save big. Grab some from StarbucksStore.com I personally think the best way to make coffee is in a French Press which is why I wrote a post on it: How to Use a French press – http://mummydeals.org/how-to-make-french-press-coffee/


11) Get VIA.

If you just need a Starbucks fix, grab some VIA packs and make it hot or iced for about $1 per cup.

12) Take Advantage of Free Entertainment

Download free apps, digital books, TV shows, movies, music and much more with the Pick of the Week Program. Each Tuesday, Starbucks releases fresh, unique entertainment that’s picked especially for you, and is completely free. Visit participating Starbucks locations and grab a Pick of the Week card on the counter and enjoy.

13) Skip the Food

I’ve been to Starbucks several a ton of times in my life but I think I’ve only eaten their food twice. While the coffee is a delish experience, the food is a little pricey for me.

14) Use Shopkick

Shopkick is an app for your phone that when you download you collect points through. A few times when I’ve been to Target I’ve seen coupons on my app for a BOGO Starbucks and taken advantage.

15) Check your Target Catalinas

My friend goes into Target a couple of times a month and quite often gets BOGO Coupons for the Starbucks in there. Grab two coffee and place one in the fridge for tomorrow.

16) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online search engine that helps you earn points for valuable things like….Starbucks gift cards! Seriously if you’re not on there sign up   and then start earning a gift card.

Hope those ways to save money at Starbucks help you save on your next cuppa java!


  1. These are awesome tips. I hardly go to Starbucks because of the price. But now I think we can manage to work it out in the budget. I also wanted to add that the baristas often give out samples of new drinks. These are always nice treats!

  2. Denise Upton says:

    Starbucks will give you free coffee grounds which you can put in your compost pile or your garden and lawn.

  3. Most of these are really good tips! But I just have to point out (and I see this tip a lot from people) but #6 is actually stealing, that milk, sugar, etc bar is for adding a small amount to a cup of coffee and such, not intended to make a full drink out of. They are factoring into their price of coffee a splash of cream and sugar, not a full cup of milk. I have known of Starbucks (and plenty of other coffee shops, including the one I worked out) that have kicked people out for doing such things. Really it’s taking advantage of the honor system of the cream and sugar bar and such actions force the stores to raise prices of all drinks to compensate.

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