16 Pack Energizer Batteries for Under $4 at alice.com

Have you signed up with alice.com yet? It’s FREE shipping and although most online sites would be more than bricks and mortar stores, alice.com isn’t. If you Sign up here to start saving you’ll get a $10 credit in your Alice account once you spend at least $50 on the site.

Well right now combine that with the *HOT* $5 gift certificate you can buy from SwagBucks for only 20 Swags and you’re on your way!! Sign up at SwagBucks here and get 3 swags to start.

Go under “other ways to shop” and then “best deals” to find some fab buys. Some alice.com deals this week with FREE shipping:

  • Energizer batteries 4 pack $1.50
  • Energizer batteries 16 pack $3.83
  • Clean and Clear $1.64
  • Suave deodorant $.98

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