15 Ways To Save On A Wedding

The wedding guests are in awe of the lovely young woman making her way down the aisle in a flowing white gown that appears to have cost a mint. They are equally astonished at the vibrant flowers that adorn the wedding venue and are delighted with the mementos of the occasion provided by the bride and groom. All of the guests find the wedding reception to be just as extravagant, with foods that are attractively displayed and delicious. Many would be surprised to learn that the bride will not be paying off wedding bills in the years to come; instead, she chose to keep wedding costs under control by using the following 15 tips:

1. Go online to get ideas for creative invitations, gather the crafting materials and have a party with a few friends in order to make them, or buy simple invitations and add more detail with a few ribbons or beads.

2. If you want to find a wedding dress for a price that will not force you to take out a huge loan, consider the following ideas:

** Peruse local thrift stores or consignment shops.

** Keep an eye on the classified ads in your local newspaper.

** Shop the sales racks at high-end department stores rather than bridal shops.

** Hire a local seamstress to construct the dress of your dreams.

3. Shop for bridal shoes online to get the best discounts.

4. Have your hair and nails done for your special day at a local cosmetology school.

5. Consider using natural decorations, such as ivy for greenery and wild flowers for color.

6. Plan the wedding at a time when the church will already be adorned because of the season, such as Christmas or Easter.

7. Buy candles, ribbons, and candle holders at dollar stores.

8. Purchase silk flowers rather than fresh ones to save a few dollars.

9. Buy a cake with plain white icing and add fresh flowers or tiny figurines that reflect your life to decorate.

10. Pick seasonal fruits and sugar them to make them shine for a reception table display.

11. Buy microwavable appetizers and put these on fancy dishes for the reception.

12. Make sure that your photographer offers to share a computer file that will let you print as many wedding photos as you would like without additional expense.

13. Check into hiring a photography student from a local university to do the wedding pictures, but always ask for sample of his or her work before signing a contract.

14. Compare the prices of local limousine services online to ensure that you get the best deal.

15. Write out a detailed plan for the ceremony in advance to keep from hiring a wedding planner. Use it to practice so that you do not need to hire a wedding coordinator.

A wedding does not have to leave your bank account empty. Just make sure to spend your money on the elements of the day that matter the most to you and your future spouse.

What are your wedding tips? How much did you spend?

Author Bio: This is a guest post by Karen Barnes who writes on behalf of www.bedbugs.org. Karen used the tips in this post to save money on her own wedding and hopes that you may be able to save a few dollars on your big day too!

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