15 FREE Photobooks! Just pay Shipping at ArtsCow

1. Go to Artscow to register or login. New members will receive THREE 8×8 photo books & 1200 free prints credits!

2. After you have logged in, click on My Account, then click on Credit & Discount on the left side of the page.

3. Enter this code: 8X8OCT2009, to credit your account with eight 8×8 20 page Photo Books. Hurry: Code expires 10/31. You’ll have 30 days after that to use the coupon.

4. Enter: 40PAGEBOOK to credit your account with three 7×5 Hard Cover 40 page Photo Books. (You need to redeem this coupon by 11/12 to get the credit. Then you’ll have 30 days to use it.)

5. Additionally, New Members can use code: PBKS299 to get a 7×5 Hard Cover 20 page Photo Book for $2.99 with FREE SHIPPING!

Go here to Artscow.
Warning: These ship slowly as they’re coming from Hong Kong so you need to get on it quickly if you need them for Dec 25!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I just went to "Register" at the top, and I didn't get my 1200 free prints. I was disappointed. However, I DID get a bunch of other free items just for registering. Magnets, key chains, prints, photo books, playing cards, coasters, collages, and so on. I was amazed that I got credits for all that.

    Can anyone speak to the quality of prints and photobooks? I've never ordered through them, so I'm curious if the quality is as good as Shutterfly, for example.

  2. To clarify, I DID get the 1200 free prints, but they are 600 4x6s and 600 5x7s, so that threw me off! If the quality is good, the deal is amazing. Thanks for the referral!!

  3. Mrs. Cline says:


    I finally received my book today and am very pleased with the quality!

    It did take almost 4 weeks from placing the order to receiving though…so I think other's will appreciate the warning about the slow shipping!

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