15 Free Educational Apps for Kids

free educational apps for kids

Mobile applications aren’t just for adults but if you’re like me you want your kids playing educational games and not just Angry Birds all the time. With that said I thought I’d compile a list of some educational apps but of course I’m a frugalite so here are 15 Free Educational Apps for Kids.  Make sure you check the Amazon Appstore every day as each day you can get a paid app for FREE.

1. Kids Piano Lite teaches children age two and older to recognize basic musical notes.

2. Play 123 is geared towards pre-school aged children and teaches them colors, shapes and numbers.

3. ReadMeStories offers a collection of narrated e-books children can learn to read along with.


4. Connect the Dots with Dino and Friends is a fun application that gives children simple connect the dot pictures.

5. SushiMonster teaches children math skills in ways that will entertain them as well.

6. Spelling City is the perfect application for any child struggling with their spelling. It includes a game that is much like Hangman.

7. The Opposites is designed for children seven and older. It teaches them to match up words that are opposite such as advantage and disadvantage.

8. News-o-Matic is a great way to get children to follow the news. It is a collection of news stories children seven and older will understand.

9. BrainPop Featured Movie shows children an educational movie and then asks them questions about the subjects covered in the movie.

10. NASA App HD is a library of videos, images and information on space missions. This application is meant to teach them about the planets in the galaxy.

11. WWF Together is an application that teaches children about various wild animals and the ways in which they live.

12. PopMath Basic Math is an application that amuses children while teaching them how to add, subtract and multiply.

13. The ABC Song teaches children the alphabet and spelling through the use of animation, songs, and music.

14. Candy Count is a unique game that teaches children to count.

15. PreSchool Zoo Animal Puzzles teaches children about different animals and their sounds.

What is your favorite app? Please let us know in a comment below!

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Make sure you check the Amazon Appstore every day as each day you can get a paid app for FREE.

What Is An App?

An app is an abbreviation for application and it’s a piece of software. It runs on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic device.

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