14 Days Of Operation Christmas Child Giveaways 11

Today’s giveaway in the 14 Days Of Operation Christmas Child Giveaways is: the Veggie Tales DVD: Saint Nicholas which is awesome and features Bob and Larry packing a shoebox, super cute!. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below and you’re entered.

How can you help Operation Christmas Child?  Exposure is key in getting OCC out there and by sharing this post with your readers, family members and friends we can help OCC bring smiles to thousands of faces.  I want to help bring exposure to OCC and with your help we can fill even more shoe boxes than last year.  I encourage you to fill a shoebox this year with your frugal finds.

  1. If you need help or ideas please visit my OCC page to learn more, gain tricks, and tips on how to fill a shoebox and who they benefit.
  2. Visit my year round plan to see how I plan to achieve my goal of filling 500 boxes this year and how you can make a goal for next year.
  3. You can request a shoe box from OCC or you can head out to your dollar store to pick up one with a lid that locks for $1.  For most this $1 box then becomes part of the gift itself.  For instance children in Africa use these boxes to carry water.
  4. You could also donate just $1 to help us collect shipping money.  I’m collecting through Fundrazr.
  5. Final way: Follow along as I provide 14 days Of OCC Giveaways and lots of ideas to count us down to packing week: November 14-21.

*I am supplying this prize.*

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