12 Valentines Day Ideas For Kids

12 Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming and many of you are looking for ideas for your kids to take to school which is why I came up with 12 Valentines Day Ideas For Kids. The great thing about these is you can make each Valentines Day Ideas with kids and have them pass them out to their friends at school.  If you’re anything like me you’ve got at least 15 children to get something for which can quickly add up. As no child wants to feel left out at this age, you’re going to need a frugal plan. Here are my frugal valentines ideas which should each cost no more than 25 cents per child.

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1) Valentine’s Day Playdough

Last year for Valentine’s Day my 4 year old got a little tub of playdough and as I thought it was a cute frugal idea I decided to make my own Homemade Valentine’s Day Craft Playdough and it’s quickly become my most pinned Valentines Day Craft for children. It’s an easy recipe that doesn’t take much time and I figured what better way to give it than as a playdough heart? Homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts are great ways to involve your children as well as saving money on trinket Valentine’s.

However I would caution you to add a note that tells people what it is before you become “that Mum!”  Why not print up these FREE Valentine Day Printables I made you you especially to go with this recipe?

Valentine's Playdough

Valentine’s Day Playdough Ingredients

  1. 1 c. flour
  2. 1 c. water
  3. 1/2 c. salt
  4. 1 tsp vegetable oil
  5. 1 tsp cream of tartar
  6. Red food coloring
  7. Heart cookie cutter
  8. Wax paper

1) Add water and the other ingredients into a medium saucepan, except the food coloring.
2) Heat on medium, stirring throughout the process.
NOTE: As it hardens I really had to stir hard – maybe I’m just a wimp!

3) Once it forms into dough, pull it off the heat.

4) Place it on a piece of waxed paper and let it cool for a few minutes.

5) Add coloring and start kneading it. You may want to wear gloves or end up with red hands. As you can see mine are pink. It would have taken A LOT of food coloring to get them red and we all know how expensive that stuff is! The alternative is to use Kool Aid.

6) Roll it out on the wax paper and cut heart shapes out with a cookie cutter. I cut big thick ones out so they’d have a decent amount of playdough.

7) Place in a bag with a note, “I’m glad we’re “play”mates!” or use these FREE Valentine’s Day gift tags.
As I mentioned I also added a note on the back that said, “Homemade Playdough.”

8) This was a great project to do with my kids and made about 10 good sized-hearts. Most classes have around 20 kids I suspect so if you’re making this for a Valentine’s Day Craft Treat, I’d double the recipe.

2) Valentine’s Day Crayons.

I originally made Melted Crayons for Operation Christmas Child boxes and then my friend Meghan showed me her Valentine’s Day Crayons and I was sold! This is an easy but effective favorite for my Valentine Day Craft Ideas. Simply find old junkie crayons, melt down and repurpose. Attach a label that says Happy Valentine’s Day and you’re set. For the complete directions see: Melting Crayons.

1) Get all unused, broken crayons.

2) Use utility knife, razor blade or box cutter to make a slice down the crayon wrapper. The paper will come off a lot easier that way.

3) Once all crayons are paper-free, break them up into small pieces.

4) Use a heart shaped silicone pan. Fill about 1/2 to 3/4 full of crayon pieces.

5) Put in an oven heated at 250 degrees for about 10 to 12 minutes. Watch to see when fully melted.

6) Let them completely cool and then pop out. Remove the paper liner and they are ready to use.

There you have it, new life for old crayons and perfect for small hands!   Cost: Free.

Note: Of course you could divide them into colors and make them like as red or pink hearts that if you didn’t want them tye-died!

3) Cuties


Last week my Mother in law handed me a bag of cuties for each boy to which I asked, “Is this for Valentine’s Day?” When she informed me it was I decided it would make a PERFECT Valentines day gift!  So I added a label and we now have Valentines!  Buy a bag for around $3/3 pounds and attach a label,

“Hey cutie! Love Isaac”
OR ” You’re a cutie! Love, Isaac”

4) Pinwheel Pencil.

  • Create a pinwheel using instructions from online or a book.
  • It’s just basically a 7″x 7″ simple square folded.
  • Use festive hearts or red paper for more fun.
  • Add a valentine’s pencil as the stick you hold and watch as your children giggle as they make it spin.

5) Bubbles.

  • With all the food allergies nowadays, it’s tough to know what’s safe bet for your kids to take to school; unless they don’t take food.
  • Buy some of those wedding bubbles from the dollar store (around 9/$1) and attach a small ribbon and a note. The “hats” on mine are mini cupcake wrappers and my 4 year old added stickers to decorate. $.15/child.

6) Heart Rice Krispies Treats.

  • These are an easy favorite because not many children are allergic or dislike these little treats. Plus, they’re easy on your wallet. Make a batch of treats and pour them into a greased cookie pan.
  • Once they’ve hardened a little cut out hearts, kisses or lips with a greased cookie cutter (I just sprayed oil on mine)
  • Have your kids help you decorate with cinnamon hearts, frosting, or other decorations and add a couple to a cellophane bag with a label to gift them . Cost per child: Around $.20.

7) Valentine’s Day Candy Spoons.

  • Question: What’s more fun than receiving a sugar stick stirrer for your coffee? Answer: the kid version of this sweet treat. This one is so easy my preschooler and his friend did it together. I scored major Mum Brownie Points which is always a plus!
  • Grab a pack of red or pink spoons from the dollar store and some white chocolate candies.
  • Melt down the candies/almond bark in the microwave for about a minute and a half, stirring every thirty seconds.
  • Simply dip the spoon in the chocolate and lay it flat on a wax paper sheet.
  • Quickly before they dry add candies or sprinkles to decorate. Around 20 cents/child.

8) Oreo Balls.

I love my 4 year old helping out so I tend to pick easier things like these scrummy oreo balls.


  • Oreos (I used store bought ones)
  • 8oz softened cream cheese
  • Candy melts, almond balk, sprinkles to decorate

  • Use about 3/4 of the pack of oreos and smash them up. I used a can of unopened vegetables but a food processor would work fine too 😉
  • Add those to the cream cheese and stir well.
  • Roll into balls and place on wax paper (a tray works fine too!) and put in the fridge to harden.
  • Once they’re hard (give them about an hour) dip them in melted candy melts and add sprinkles. To save money I just dipped one side and I still think they look good!
  • Add them into mini cupcake wrappers. I bought 100 from the dollar store with hearts on them.

Cost: Store bought oreos (I didn’t use the whole container) $1.25, Cream cheese $.99, Candy melts and sprinkles: $.75, cupcake wrappers: $1 = $3.99 and made about 30 balls.


9) Cake Pops.

  • I’m obsessed with cake pops! No celebration around here is complete without them and as they’re bite-size they’re perfect for little children.
  • Simply make a cake. No, no, not a gourmet one but a simple box cake {or whip up your own!}
  • Once it’s cooked crumble it into a bowl and add 2/3 can of frosting and mix.
  • Roll your sleeves up and make little balls and add to a tray.
  • To decorate put it on a stick and dip in chocolate. I used white chocolate and let Isaac help me add sprinkles before the chocolate hardened. Cost per child: $.20.

10) Cupid’s Arrows.

  • Send your little cupid off to school with his arrows and he’ll make a big smash hit from the regular candy they’re gonna get.
  • I found heart-shaped gummies at the dollar store and a bag of thin stick pretzels there too.
  • Place the heart on the end like the arrow and then cut a smaller piece out for the front. I had to mould it on.
  • Add a few to a bag with a cute label and voila! You’re the talk of school 😉
  • Cost per child: $2/30 pieces so around $.20/child

11) Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bath Mix.


  • In a large bowl mix 6 cups powdered milk, ¾ cup cocoa, 6 tablespoons cornstarch.
  • Add 3 TBS of the mixture to a cellophane bag, tie with a piece of raffia or ribbon and add a note: “Add 1 TBS of Hot Cocoa Bath Mix to your bath”.
  • This makes enough for about 20 children with some leftovers.

12) Heart Paperclips.

  • Don’t forget the teacher by giving them some fun school supplies: Simply grab some large pink or red paperclips from the office supply store. I found 80 at the dollar store.
  • Bend the open-ended half of the paperclip at the middle and then fold it until it creates a heart. I decorated a card stock heart with some and also added a handful to a cellophane bag. $.50/teacher.

To go with your valentines day ideas for kids don’t forget the gift tags.  Use the FREE printables I created for you here to finish off your gifts:

FREE Valentine Day Printables

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