12 Teacher Gifts Under $2

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Teacher Gifts

Teachers are special people in our lives and deserve special recognition. They spend hours every day with our children and are responsible for helping guide them through their lives. While I believe that parents are the number one in children’s lives it doesn’t hurt to thank the person who spends numerous hours with our children every week. However, this cost can add up quickly so I came up with 12 ideas that won’t cost more than $2 each. Not only are these gifts great for teachers but you can use them as hostess gifts too 🙂

Of course gift cards are nice but they are more expensive and hard to remember the individual who gave it to you ten years later unlike these special homemade teacher gifts.

These frugal ideas will help bring a smile to a teachers face. Don’t forget the music teacher, physical education teacher, computer teacher etc. Often the “specials” teachers get over looked. Remember the secretary who can make your live a tad easier when you are running late or trying to get a note to your child 🙂

Simply click on the link to be take to the teacher gift craft complete with photos and instructions.

Restaurant.com -$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates are great.  These make excellent stocking stuffers or teacher gifts.

12 Teacher Gifts.

Please note I just added this as number 13: Coconut Honey Scrub as it’s what I’m giving my son’s teachers. I made about 10 containers for around $15.  I’m using it myself and love it!

1. Natural Spa Tin

Pretty and functional too!

2. Essentials Kit

Even if I have lots of gloves I always forget them so why not give some strictly to put in your car?!

3. Spiced Nuts Cone

Popcorn is a great gift and even better when you make it yourself with this great recipe.

4. Berry Ornament

A simple ornament and some craft supplies will make this gift to remember.

5. Potpourri

A fun sachet to put in the kitchen or bathroom, dress it up with tulle!

6. Candy Is Dandy

Don’t give plain old candy this year, give something more!

7. Homemade Breads

Mini banana bread in a mini bread tin is adorable!

8. Cupcake Socks

By far and way the most popular gift idea down here! Simple fuzzy socks set the scene for a simple gift that makes you look really crafty!

9. Foot Spa

Teachers are on their feet all day; this will help them relax!

10. Pen & Paper

Give an apple to the teacher……..or better yet something they always need!

11. Car Kit

Grandma always taught me to carry a few things in my car during the winter in case of a breakdown. This is a fun male gift using Grandma’s idea.

12. Oreo Balls

Oreo balls are delicious, easy and can be done with the help of your children!

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  1. Rose :: Fine Craft Guild .com says:

    These are a dozen of great ideas! Love them, and not just for teachers… There are many people who would love to receive thoughtful kindness.

    Do come and share it at our linky party, at http://www.finecraftguild.com/party-3/ Our readers would love to find you.

  2. Great ideas!!! Thanks for posting on the bowdabra Feature Friday!!!


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