12 Teacher Gifts Under $2: Essentials Kit

1) Teachers are essential and so is this gift as it’s perfect for the winter and for your car! Simply grab a pair of magic gloves ($1 for 2 pairs at Old Navy and other stores) and add practical items such as gum, lipgloss, tissues.

2) Stuff gloves with the items and then tie with a bow.

3) Add a note like, “Teachers are essential, so is this gift! Thanks!”

Gloves $.50
Gum 2 pack from dollar store: $.50
Chapstick: Free from drugstore deal (or $1 if not)
Tissues or hand sanitizer $1
Final Cost: $2

This is part of a series: 12 Homemade Teacher Gifts Under $2.


  1. This is a perfect gift idea since I just posted about my lame attempt this year.


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