$100 Printable Prescription Transfer Coupon from Kmart

Yesterday’s newspaper had a prescription coupon in for Kmart than means you can transfer up to 4 prescriptions there and get $25 back each time for a total of $100. They’ve done it before and I was happy when I saw it as I know a lot of you ask me when places do that. It expires 4/10/10 so keep it handy.

The good thing with these is that if you don’t have a Kmart nearby CVS will take this coupon as it’s a competitor’s RX one. I know that prescriptions cost a lot and every little bit helps so I want to recommend you using these transfer prescriptions coupons when you see them to help you cut the cost of the RX. It may be a little inconvenient to transfer but it’s worth it for the gift cards they give out. The great thing is that Jeanine found the online version of this coupon here in case you missed it in the paper. Thanks girl!

If you’re looking to save on medication and check out the cheapest options I found during some research, check this out that I wrote.

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