10 Reasons I’d Give My Hundred to Haiti

As I write this my Husband is with me at home.  Not motivated by a vacation day or a sick day but by the fact that as he works construction things are slow right now.  Finances are a little tougher and we’re watching our spending.  However as I sit here right now I’m blessed to be able to say:

  1. We have a roof over our heads.
  2. Although one of the cars needs work, we have a way to get around.
  3. We have fresh drinking water to drink.  It doesn’t have to be filtered through a system or have a water purifying tablet added to it.  I turn on the tap and out it comes.
  4. My fridge and cupboards are full of food to eat.  It may not be steak and lobster but it’s nourishing and healthy.
  5. I’m wearing clothes right now and have plenty more in the closet.
  6. My feet have socks on and I’ve got boots by the door ready for when I go out.
  7. My heat is still running and we’ve got blankets to keep us warm.
  8. When the clothes are all dirty we have a way to wash them.
  9. Although it’s tight right now, soon my Hubby will be back at work able to make money to provide for us.  And through his smarts and our tightening the belt, he’s got some money saved up from last year to get us through this.
  10. We have family that loves us, friends that support us and people that show us care daily.

    There are so many people around the world right now who can’t say that.  Who need a helping hand, a smile but very practically some good clean water and food.

    If you’re anything like me you just want to jump on a plane right now and fly to Haiti.  You want to help search for survivors and wrap your arms around people who’ve lost loved ones.  You want to hug a child as they wonder whether Mummy and Daddy are ever coming back.  Even as I wrote that last sentence the tears streamed down my face because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from living all over the world: people are the same and kids are the same.  As I put myself in the shoes of these people in a country already so poor that many struggled to survive, I can’t help but want to respond.  Giving money somehow doesn’t seem enough and I want to get down there and hold a child.  In fact it’s made me appreciate what I have more and hug Isaac a little tighter.

    This week my sponsor JuiceBox Jungle and Kodak sponsored me to write this post this week and asked, What would you do with $100 this month?  Sincerely, I’d give it to Compassion International and to Haiti.  Although we could use it right now, there’s nobody that could use it more than the folks in Haiti.  It may help us pay a bill or get some more groceries but do I really *need* that?  Aboslutely not.  I’m so blessed and have so much that in a heartbeat that $100 would go straight to those who need it most.  Because I always do what’s right? Because I wouldn’t rather selfishly keep it?  No way. Because it’s what Jesus would do and He’s my example.

    James 1:27
    Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

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