10 Activities To Cure Cabin Fever For Kids

10 Activities For Kids

This is the view from my laptop as the kids are napping. I’m sipping away on some Starbucks Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate that my friend gave me and looking at the beautiful snow falling. The only problem with beautiful snow is after a while it makes for CABIN FEVER! You ever had that dreadful feeling? Ya know the one where the kids are going stir crazy and you’re just going crazy? It made me think of ideas on how to cure those wintery cabin fever blues. Here are 10 ideas:

1) Paint Easter Eggs.

No, I’m not kidding! Last year we snagged kits at 90% off after Easter and Isaac loves doing them! If it’s been a while since your kids painted eggs, a snowy/rainy day is a good time to try.

  • Simply grab some craft paints in bottles from the store.
  • Watercolors work best for little ones as cleanup is easier.
  • Boil the eggs and paint away.
  • Add stickers or ribbon to get even more creative.

2) Play Just Dance For Kids.

This game is a ton of fun and lots of exercise and it’s time we parents joined in too! Isaac had a blast watching me try and dance to When The Ants Go Marching In.
Chances are you can rent for cheap at a video store.

3) Have An International Day.

The most fun kids have learning is when they don’t know they’re learning! Make flags, research national anthems and cook from another country. For some British recipes check out my British recipes section on them or make this super easy, kid-friendly Toad In The Hole.

4) Make a Fort.

Sure it may just look like blankets and stuff strewn together but to a pre-schooler it’s a world of imagination. Get out the paper and help them make flags for the fort or animals for the moat. It’s also a perfect place to eat under or watch a movie while nibbling this Peppermint Popcorn.

5) Tackle A Project.

For the past two weeks each gloomy cold night Hubs and I have been tackling those yucky projects that needed attention a year ago. Ya know the: hang a picture, put non-stick fabric under the rug, or clean out the closet.  Sure it’s not fun but the accomplishment factor goes a long way to making you feel better. Plus, spring is not for projects! It’s for being outside so get it done now.

6) Playdates.

At this time of year when I had but one child I had about 4 playdates a week. For real. My little guy would play and me and the other Mom would sit and sip coffee and catch up. Great for him and great for me. The bonus was my friend with the fenced-in yard on a not-too-cold day. We’d bundle the kids in snow suits and let them eat the play in the snow.

7) Craft It Up.

Let imaginations run wild when you add some different items to the craft pile. Straws and painters tape are buildings waiting to be built and tops of bottles make great wheels. Find more crafts on my craft page or pinterest page.

8) Take A Bath.

Kids love baths. We are usually rushing them. Why not run a bath, add tons of bubbles and let them play for a while. Growing up my Mum would “let” my brother and I take a couple of baths a day some days! Letting them blow bubbles in there would also be fun or give them a straw to make some!

9) Bake.

Yes it’s messy. Sure it’s a pain to cleanup, but boy is baking fun. The best bit? If you do it right you can freeze a bunch of it for days when you’re busy or when your friend has a baby. Making a batch of banana breads or cookies on a wintry day becomes a great pick-me-up when you need something quick. I love these dirt and worm cupcakes or oreo balls the kids can help with.

10) A Treasure Hunt.
First hide a few objects around the house and then create clues. Each clue should lead to the next one until the prize is found. For non-readers use pictures instead and if you have more than one child have them find it together or in teams.

How about you? What do you do when cabin fever strikes?


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